October 11, 2016

Welcome Big James...!

Its not every day we meet someone like James. Head to toe in tattoos, quiet, one of the largest guys you have ever met and from the other side of the gym without doubt one of the most intimidating people in the room. But. Take a step back, remove these thoughts from your head and just say 'hello"..... 

You then immediately meet one of the friendliest, kindest and genuine guys around. Being quiet and keeping yourself to yourself is not arrogance, its simply the smart way of getting on with your training for which James's passion is high, seen immediately in his physique.

At 6'3" and standing here at 120kg you understand what we said about the other side of the room.

James Williams Strong Man

James has been involved in weight training for as long as the best of us and has the diversity of being able to adapt to many training disciplines. From normal weight training to body building and boxing to strong man, I think the only thing James doesn't do well is run....... But who really wants to run anyway when you can pick up cars?!?

Power Lifting

Its recently that James has decided now is the time and to take competitive Strong Man to the next level and think bigger than some of the smaller yet still respectable South of England events. Training out of Locker 27 in Surrey, one of the best functional training facilities around and with coaching from Simon Yates (UK Strongman) and Adam Bishop (World Strongman) James without doubt has the knowledge and motivation behind him to start 2017 impressively.

James will be using the TuffWraps USA Villain wrist and knees wraps throughout his training, so if they are man enough to look after him with 5 plates a side on the flat bench then we have no worries in their effectiveness for you.

Villain Wrist Wraps

TuffWraps UK are now proud to be able to help support his efforts from now and into 2017, so please as we do, wish him luck in his future accomplishments.

You can follow James's progress here:

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James IG: https://www.instagram.com/big_jameswill/

Photo Credits to: Max "Physique" Ellis

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Power Knee Sleeves Size Chart:

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We recommend going down at least one size from your measurement.

Size Center of Knee (in)
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TUFF Cuff Information:

For general elbow pain or support we recommend that you measure the circumference of your elbow joint. We recommend going down one size for general elbow support.  So if you measure 12”, purchase the 11” Cuff.

compression support

For tendonitis pain in the forearm or elbow we recommend that you measure the circumference of your forearm roughly 1" below your elbow joint.  We recommend going down two sizes for tight compression.   For example, if you measure 10" then purchase the 8" Cuff.

compression support

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Cross Training Knee Sleeves Size Chart:

Measure circumference of the knee (mid-patella) in a locked position (muscles must be relaxed). Unisex sizes.

S 11.8 in. - 13.0 in.
M 13.0 in. - 14.2 in.
L 14.2 in. - 15.7 in.
XL 15.7 in. - 17.0 in.
XXL 17.0 in. - 18.3 in.

*If you prefer a tighter fit please order one size smaller than your measurement.

TUFF 10mm Weight Lifting Belt Size Chart:

Measuring Up For Your New Belt:

Use a soft measuring tape, measure around your waist approximately 4 inches above where your pant would sit. Please do not suck your stomach in and keep everything relaxed when measuring.

S 24 in. - 29 in.
M 28 in. - 33 in.
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