September 07, 2019 1 min read

Julius Maddoxset a NEW world Record his past weekend with an amazing lift of 739.6 lb at a powerlifting meet in California.

For those that watch the video and wonder what happened, I will explain.  Julius has to follow the judge commands, or else the lift does not count.  He was given all the commands as a standard lifter.  After lifting the impressive 739.6 lbs / 335.5kg, he was told to rack the weight.  The spotter celebrated, early, and it was uncalled for especially with that amount of weight on the bar.  If you watch the video, he hit the weight (after the call for racking) then it shifted the bar. Julius did a complete lockout hence why the back judge gave it the three confirmed lights for a successful lift.

I genuinely believe that these powerlifting meets need to have spotters that do their job because this could have ended badly for Julius.  Thankfully he was ok.

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