October 11, 2016

We first met Craig (@inkdupmusle on social media) in January this year, 95kg, hood up, full sleeve ink, laying on the flat bench repping 160kg like it was nothing. Training on his own and solely because he loves it and everything to do with gym life. 


Coached by Marc Barrett Fitness you can see why Craig has made the progress he has. With a focus many of us think about daily but so often fail to put into action you quickly understand why he looks the way he does. With shoulders and chest to rival that of Arnolds and the classic small waist to match, Craig absolutely presents the muscle model physique so many aspire to. 
Add to this a personality willing to give everyone the time of day, Craig is the perfect Athlete to represent TuffWraps UK to drive and promote the ideals behind our company brand.

People with aspiring physiques get noticed and noticed quickly. People start to chat, IG likes go up and more people want to speak to you. When they ask if you’re getting ready to compete daily then you start to consider it yourself, a decision not to be taken lightly not only because of the end goal of standing on stage in front of hundreds in some fairly small swimwear, but the change in training and prep from doing it for fun to doing it because you want to win and wanting to win more than everyone else….


With a 2nd place in Tattooed Muscle class, a 4th place in Muscle Model class and now a Pure Elite Pro card holder, you could say Craig’s 1st event went well. Just one of the many reasons we are so proud to have him involved with us and support him as best we can. 
As well as representing TuffWraps UK Craig is also now an athlete for Ryder Wear and an ambassador for Kaged Muscle Supplements showing how he has gone from strength to strength in the world of fitness.
Forever increasing his diversity, Craig is moving into physique and fitness modeling, shooting for swimwear, gym clothes, street brands and cover shoots with photographers as inspirational as the renown Ed Gilles Crofta as well as small roles in British Films. Watch this space.
Craig uses TuffWraps products in all his training session and by his own admission just WONT train without them anymore! You will always find the following in his gym bag without fail....
Villain Wrist Wraps 
Villain Knee Wraps 
Leather Tuff Straps 

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Photo Credit: Gilles Crofta

Craig Warner

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Short Sleeve Men's Tee & Vest

Chest (inches) 30-32 34-36  38-40 42-44 46-48 48-50 50-52 52-54
Waist (inches) 28-30 30-32  32-33 33-34 36-38 40-42 44-48 50-54


Women's Racerback Tank

Length (inches) 26 7/8 27 1/2 28 1/8 28 3/4 29 3/8
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Ladies Size 8 10 12 14 16
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Power Knee Sleeves Size Chart:

How to Size:  Measure circumference of the knee (mid-patella) in a locked position (muscles must be relaxed).  If your calves are bigger than your knee measurement, we recommend using the circumference of your calf.

We recommend going down at least one size from your measurement.

Size Center of Knee (in)
XS 12" - 13.3"
S 13.3" - 14.5"
M 14.5" - 15.7"
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XL 17" - 17.7"
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TUFF Cuff Information:

For general elbow pain or support we recommend that you measure the circumference of your elbow joint. We recommend going down one size for general elbow support.  So if you measure 12”, purchase the 11” Cuff.

compression support

For tendonitis pain in the forearm or elbow we recommend that you measure the circumference of your forearm roughly 1" below your elbow joint.  We recommend going down two sizes for tight compression.   For example, if you measure 10" then purchase the 8" Cuff.

compression support

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XL 13.0 - 15.0
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4XL 16.5 - 18.0


Cross Training Knee Sleeves Size Chart:

Measure circumference of the knee (mid-patella) in a locked position (muscles must be relaxed). Unisex sizes.

S 11.8 in. - 13.0 in.
M 13.0 in. - 14.2 in.
L 14.2 in. - 15.7 in.
XL 15.7 in. - 17.0 in.
XXL 17.0 in. - 18.3 in.

*If you prefer a tighter fit please order one size smaller than your measurement.

TUFF 10mm Weight Lifting Belt Size Chart:

Measuring Up For Your New Belt:

Use a soft measuring tape, measure around your waist approximately 4 inches above where your pant would sit. Please do not suck your stomach in and keep everything relaxed when measuring.

S 24 in. - 29 in.
M 28 in. - 33 in.
L 32 in. - 37 in.
XL 36 in. - 42 in.
XXL 41 in. - 46 in.