October 01, 2019 2 min read

This question gets asked quite a bit, and today we are going to let you know if Villain Wrist Wraps are any good or not!

Villain wrist wraps are our staple wrist wrap, and we have perfected the blend of material over the last six years.  We use the highest quality of material, and we learned this long ago that this is the most critical factor.  Using low-grade velcro is very typical in many wrist wraps, and that is why we opted for the highest quality velcro that we could source.  It took a long time for us to find the right Velcro to use for our wrist wraps. 

With that said, Villain wrist wraps are great because we utilise a "Belt Loop Tightening System" rather than the annoying thumb loops that you see on 99% of the wrist wraps on the market.  The thumb loop serves no purpose other than putting it on.  Many people find it annoying to wear, and they tend to either cut it off or take it off. One crucial factor in our design was during competition powerlifting you are not allowed to have the thumb loop on DURING the lift.  Let me say that again, it is not illegal to have the thumb loop on the wrist wrap, but the thumb loop is not to be worn on the thumb during the lift.  We have witnessed many people get DQ'd on their lift to be upset that they left it on.  Now there are many people who do not compete, and that is still ok as the "Belt Loop tightening System" allows you to control the tightness of your wrist wraps very easily. 

One thing you will notice is the ease at which it is to put on the wrist wrap, but also it does not take much tension to secure your wrist wraps. Our Villain Wrist Wraps offer maximum support during those heavy lifts.  Villain Wrist Wraps come in lengths ranging from 16", 24" and 30".   The 16" is a great everyday wrist wrap and is a great wrist wrap.  The longer the wrist wraps are, the bulkier they will be but also the more support they will provide you. 

Please see the video below for a more detailed explanation on using our Villain Wrist Wraps.

Villain Wrist Wraps are used by many elite lifters such as TuffWraps Athlete and World Record Holder for bench press Julius Maddox.  He recently set a new all time world record for bench press while wearing our 30" STIFF Villain Wrist Wraps.  He bench pressed an astounding 739.6 lbs! Watch it below.

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